Best Shoes for Standing All Day Nike

Any job is tiring whether it involves sitting or standing. It all goes down to the brain or the muscles involved in doing the daily work. Some jobs involve standing for long hours something which leaves your feet feeling so sore and some conditions like plantar fascitis are likely to occur to you. Okay, there is treatment for soreness and conditions caused by long hours of standing. However, why wait for such to happen when you can prevent it? How will this happen? Having a good shoe is all you need if your jobs involves standing from morning to evening. There is no better shoe to try than that of Nike. Let us look at best shoes for standing all day Nike.

A Nike Presto Shoe

First of all, the color of the Nike presto is top notch. The color is suitable for all occasions despite the shoe looking sporty. The competitor of this shoe is Adidas ultra-boost which could be an alternative for you. Nike being a renowned shoe brand, presents this shoe to you for comfortable feel especially at work if your activities include standing all day. The materials involved in making the presto include mesh and cushioning fabric. The feel of the shoe is wow and the mesh helps aerate the shoe to avoid bad odors.

Nike Fly knit Air Max for Men

Any Nike air max is comfortable and this fly knit shoe isn’t any different. The shoe is termed as a running shoe but you can use it at work to avoid foot conditions like Achilles tendonitis. The first advantage about the air max is its light weight. Instead of stressing with official shoes like loafers, try the air max shoes from Nike and you won’t even feel their weight. Don’t think because of light weight the shoe isn’t comfortable. The materials used by Nike make is one of the best shoes for standing all day Nike.

A 5+ Nike Breathe Shoes

Over the years, people have disliked Nike because of the narrow fitting of their shoes which is a major disadvantage for people who have wide feet. For the 5+ shoe, things are different. The shoe is made to accommodate all sizes and therefore it is time to dispose those heavy uncomfortable shoes. With a Nike breathe shoe, you can stay the whole day without your feet hurting. The materials used include synthetic fiber for comfortable feel and mesh to enhance aeration of the shoe. If you’re looking for the best shoe for standing all day Nike, this is it.


Standing the whole day does more to your feet than your back. This is because your feet receive the whole body weight pressure. So choose a good shoe to help your feet withstand the weight.