How to Lose One Pound per Week

At some point we all want to lose a pound or two, especially as we get older, and with so many diets and exercise routines available it can be difficult to decide which works and what is best for you.

If you are looking to lose only around a pound a week just so that you can keep on top of your weight then it is relatively an easy thing to do.



The dreaded โ€˜Eโ€™ word, but it is not all that bad, all you need to do is simply add an extra 15-30 minutes of walking a day to your life. Try and include a hill in the walk as this will also help increase your cardio workout and that benefits your heart. Nothing more physical than that is required, but it must be a walk were you do not stop, and try and keep the pace up above your normal walking speed.

Smaller Portions

Eat 10% smaller portions than what you usually have, and if you are eating pork, lamb or beef then cut all the fat off before cooking. For chicken do not eat the skin, and try and cut out fried food. Consume more fiber in your diet such as oats, wholemeal bread, brown rice and broccoli.

But overall use common sense if you want to be fit.

Fill up

One way to help you cut down on how much you actually eat is to start with a bowl of soup, but not cream soup. This helps fill you up a bit before the main meal, and while eating drink some water as this also helps fill your stomach. This is especially helpful if youโ€™re doing more extreme diets that make you lose more than one pound per week.

Click here for more info on this diet.

No Junk

Avoid all junk food as it is always high in fat content, and also cut down on processed meats as these are high in fat and salt. If you do well with losing weight, they you can treat yourself to a small portion of junk food once a month to celebrate but do an extra 30 minute walk.