Top 3 golf drivers for distance 2018?

Ping G400 MAX

This is one of the maxed out driver. The driver inside matches exactly what is said on the exterior of the container. This version has been designed and manufactured in such a way that the head is a bit tiny which has been done through the help of aerodynamics. The design also has the capacity to assist in acceleration of the speed while swinging. This is one of the finest and tolerating driver that has been manufactured by Ping. There is a still a lot of room for improvement and untapped potential and overall it is a good driver for a beginner. The driver has the capacity to cover a longer distance in a shorter time span as compared to the previous versions.

The G400 Max

In 2018 the G400 Max is a driver that has been designed to provide maximum forgiveness. The driver has a capacity of the 46occ. Previously the standard G400 was the highest recognized driver in the market in terms of MOI but today that rank has been taken by the G400 Max. the tiny bits of distance that might be lost while using the standard G400 driver can now be fully recovered using the G400 Max. with this driver hitting straight continuously is a possibility that can be achieved very easily. It is an ideal driver to use while making hits that are placed low on the heel or high on the toe. The appearance of the G4oo max drivers is attractive and fantastic.

Callaway Rogue

This year the TaylorMade brand and the Ping brands are striving to produce drivers that are much straighter during this year. The Callaway Rogue brand is working on the speed and distance covered. This driver is highly advanced in technology with its unique features such as the huge lit and jailbreak tech that make it epic. The jailbreak rods have been inserted just behind the face through slicing them then positioning them at the centre for drivers that are quite long in order to maintain the stability and strength. The sliding weight that makes them unique have also been eliminated. In order to achieve maximum forgiveness the weight can be relocated to another part in the head. The brand now has a Rogue Draw and the spin Rogue Sub Zero to create a biased head. The features in this driver makes it easy for the user to hit the ball straight constantly.