What Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat?

The sight of belly fat hanging is undoubtedly one of the worst ones and for an obese person who is the cause of such a sight – it is a matter of embarrassment. It is not something to be proud of and many more people with higher belly fat are trying to get in shape these days. However, lack of enough time due to busy personal or professional lives means that shedding those excess pounds from the belly is not easily possible. Here are some foods to eat to shed belly fat more easily.


Have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. This food is rich in fibers and can keep your stomach satiated for longer. You do not feel the urge to run for a snack soon enough, or even at all, before lunch time. However, you should avoid having those sugar-rich and flavored oatmeal varieties. Go for the plain oatmeal varieties, and use berries to sweeten the dish.

Note: If the diet is on track you need to throw in some exercise. A home spinning bike is probably the best place to start!


Have nuts, such as almonds. Nuts can keep your tummy fuller for more time, and help you to slim down by avoiding the intake of more foods. Research conducted by the Purdue University revealed that those consuming nuts felt satiated for more time than people who had rice cakes. You should have only about 24 almonds every day, so that you can satisfy your hunger but prevent stuffing your body with high amount of calories. Avoid having salted nuts that are sodium-rich and elevate blood pressure.

Cayenne pepper

This is a type of spice that is a common ingredient in many dishes in Asian countries. It is zesty and can add a new flavor to any meal. It is highly nutritious and can keep many organs working better in your body. This spice is also known to elevate the metabolic pace, thus accelerating the fat combustion process.


The food comprises of plenty of fiber. You can have 6 grams of fiber in a single cup of raspberries. Do not have it in jelly form, and it is too sugary and can stuff you with unwanted calories.


You can have this in the form of eggs and lean meat, which take longer for your body to be digested.

Low fat dairy products

You can find low fat yogurt and milk being promoted more and more these days, as these can aid you in losing 3 – 4 times more weight as compared to standard diets.