Why Half Marathons Are Becoming More Popular

Half Marathon Running

While many runners are busy preparing for their next marathon, there are many more that are training for a half marathon. During recent years these half marathons have become increasingly popular with novices and advanced runners alike all prepared this play the same game. It is a game: one that involves courage, strength, endurance and sheer determination to just make it over the finish line.

It’s an accomplishment

When you run a 3K, 5K or even a 10K distance, it’s impressive. When you are able to run a half marathon though, people’s eyes light up and look at you with new amazement. The half marathon has become increasingly well-known, especially during the last few years, and most people have at least a slim understanding of just how much effort and training has to go into running one.

Half marathons have taken on a new prestige status in the sporting world with more and more people taking the time to get properly prepared to run one and then doing their best to see it through to the end. The half marathon is the perfect goal for anyone that would like the honor and bragging rights to running something that has the word “marathon” in it.

It’s quite a challenge to tackle a full marathon

Training for a full marathon requires extensive training and many people just don’t have the time and don’t want to put it in the effort required for the full run. The commitment level needs to be at an all-time high in order to take on the challenge of a full marathon. While a lot of people love to run and get their adrenaline flowing, a full marathon can be a goal that’s just too far out of reach for many.

While running a 5K can be quite tough, in order to run a half marathon you’ll need to be committed to raising your endurance and fitness levels up a notch or two. With a half marathon though, the goal is a lot more attainable than running a full marathon. As long as you train for it properly, finishing a half marathon is something that most people can achieve.

Training for a half marathon


If you need to run 5K quite comfortably, you’re ready to start a training schedule for half marathon. This will involve a 10 to 12 week program that will consist of short runs, long runs, cross training, rest days and walking. You’ll also have to adjust your eating habits to make sure that you are getting the proper nutritional requirements to sustain your prolonged exercise program.

There are a lot of different running programs available on the Internet that will show you exactly how to get your body prepared for the half run while at the same time building up your motivation and sense of determination to keep going. It’s vitally important that anyone that is planning to run such a race follow a scheduled training routine to avoid injury and to make sure that the finish line gets crossed!

It’s the challenge that keeps people hooked

This is the main reason why so many people are turning to the half marathon. The half marathon offers a challenge and a commitment, and when you take it on you’re going to be testing your limits. Once you cross the finish line you’ll have experienced something that’s both physical and emotional and you’ll realize that you have accomplished something that you may have thought was out of reach.

While the full marathon still remains the icing on the cake, the half marathon has become the cake itself that tastes especially good to people that aren’t in the mood for something to sweet anyway. Some people are married to others that don’t run and can’t understand the attraction to running a marathon. In this type of scenario, putting in the time to run a full marathon can be a strain on the relationship. For other runners, the full marathon is simply too time constraining to prepare for. Some runners just get too bored after running 13 K. and find that the half marathon is the perfect achievable goal that presents enough of a challenge in itself.